Review: Trevor Moore, “The Story of Our Times,” on Comedy Central

It’d be a mistake to stop watching Trevor Moore after the first 10 minutes of his most recent Comedy Central special, The Story of Our Times, which came out on April 20 (cough cough).

Moore’s special finds him struggling through an insufferable brunch with his girlfriend (Esther Povitsky) and her friends (Alana Johnston, Amanda Seales, and Theo Von) as they discuss all the relevant issues of the day. Naturally, he can’t stop himself from expressing his own views on the topics through a series of songs and music videos.

The first couple of songs are kinda rap, kinda hip-hop, but mostly monotonous.

Thankfully, Moore begins expanding his musical comedy palette after brunch talk on trash TV gets him thinking about the history of tabloid gossip, passed down and down and down until we hit the Kardashians.

Then Moore unveils an inspirational anthem about bullies.

Moore also takes on Tesla (not the car, but Nikola Tesla), YouTube millionaires, the injustices of life, outrage failure, protests, and even credit card chips.

As a televised comedy special, it’s hit or miss. But Moore provides plenty of songs to choose from, that anyone can find something to enjoy and share.

Sean L. McCarthy

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