Review: Joe Rogan, “Strange Times” on Netflix

If Joe Rogan likes to joke that he’s a moron, then what does that make his audience, which has grown even larger in the past couple of years as his podcast has also grown to include a five-times-a-week video livestream, and his other job broadcasting for the UFC has gotten even more popular, too?

Another critic cracked that Rogan sounds like a college-aged kid who got stoned and discovered all of the universe’s secret conspiracies.

Except Rogan is 51.

But even if he jokes that his jokes will get him into trouble, he’s willing to devote plenty of time to other topics that won’t sic the comedy police on him.

As I wrote in my review for Decider:

Sure, you might think he’s gone a bit soft with an extended riff about the natural instinctual differences between cats and dogs. What’s less offensive and more mainstream than that? That won’t stop him from speaking his mind, though, about homo-erotic undertones in professional wrestling, the odds of one in 100 vegans being an idiot, or the miraculous odds of giving birth to a child without ever having a vagina. And going into great detail about all of it.

You can believe Rogan when he tells you he’s not making any of this up.

Just don’t quote him on it.

Read my full review in Decider.

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