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Showtime cancelled I’m Dying Up Here after two seasons

I cannot say I’m surprised. Or that anyone else is surprised to learn this week that Showtime had cancelled I’m Dying Up Here after two seasons.

Despite what I wrote in Decider urging the network this summer to give it a third go-around.

The series, based on the non-fiction book of the same title about The Comedy Store and the 1970s comedy boom in Los Angeles, gave lots of cameos and meaty roles to stand-up comedians.

And yet, the viewers never came, nor stuck around.

I’m Dying Up Here averaged 143,000 in live and same day viewing in season one, and only ticked up slightly to 180,000 per episode in season two.

Jim Carrey’s role as an executive producer, while also starring in the new Showtime series Kidding, couldn’t save it, either.

Kidding is great, by the way. So please watch it!

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One thought on “Showtime cancelled I’m Dying Up Here after two seasons

  1. This show is too early. It is fantastic- the viewership is most likely early adopters. I do think it paved the way for Barry, too. We need more art like this, messy characters who all love one anothers mess is something we need to see more of, as it imitates life. Without this show we may not have KIDDING- which also may not find audience because people feel vulnerable when they watch it- people are afraid of feeling vulnerable. Such fantastic programming, Showtime, keep up the great work.

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