Review: Ari Shaffir, “Double Negative” on Netflix

It’s perhaps fitting that in this era of too much comedy, the first stand-up to deliver two new comedy specials at the same time would be Ari Shaffir.

As I wrote for Decider, it’s an audacious move:

No, if it’s audacious you seek, look no further than the guy who dropped his pants in his first stand-up performance on TV. The guy who called himself “The Amazing Racist” for a recurring prank segment that the Sham-Wow guy included in his bad and bonkers movie, InAPPropriate Comedy. The guy who found one of his otherwise innocuous jokes at the flashpoint that exposed Carlos Mencia’s joke thievery. The guy whose comedy storytelling series became a Comedy Central webseries, and later a late-night TV show, only to lose it this year when he sold his new double-special to Netflix instead.

That guy is Ari Shaffir, ladies and germs. Shaffir’s Double Negative collection includes a 44-minute set called Children, followed by a 47-minute called Adulthood; both filmed on the same night at Cap City Comedy Club in Austin. Shaffir took only a brief intermission to change his wardrobe and the lighting, keeping the same crowd in the house.

Read my full review of Ari Shaffir: Double Negative on Decider.

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