Will Duggan: “Iceberg,” at Edinburgh Fringe 2022

*** (out of 5)

Will Duggan is angry. Angry that the world might be ending in his lifetime. Angry that his talents might not have much practical use in a post-apocalyptic society. Angry at little things such as his first given name, his misadventures auditioning for adverts, and his not-so meet-cute and proposal stories with his betrothed.

But in the end, they’re all little things. You might say tip of the iceberg type of resentments. So what’s lying beneath the surface? What’s his true rage?

Perhaps the hour should come with a trigger warning. One woman walked out during the show I attended, as Duggan revealed the truly tragic source for his fury.

Suffice to say, it’s not all Funz and Gamez, which was the subversive children’s show aimed at adults that won Duggan and his cohorts the 2014 Panel Prize at the Fringe.

Oh, no. On his own this year, alone in the cellar of Pleasance Courtyard, Duggan is still figuring his way out of his personal darkness, and through this hour. I’d surmise that once he plumbs the depths a bit more, he’ll find what can truly make this show swim, and not sink.

Will Duggan: Iceberg through Aug. 28, 2022, at Pleasance Courtyard (Cellar).

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