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Fuse goes all in on Gabriel Iglesias with four Fluffy webseries to accompany Fluffy’s Food Adventures on TV

Fuse loves its Fluffy.

In addition to the third season of Fluffy’s Food Adventures (the series formerly known as Fluffy Breaks Even), which returns July 11, 2017, the cable network announced not one, not two, not three but four separate webseries starring stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

As Fluffy Breaks Even, Iglesias and his friends chowed down on food in various cities, and then challenged each other in physical games and workouts to work off those calories.

As Fluffy’s Food Adventures, Iglesias will bring Martin Moreno, Rick Gutierrez, Alfred Robles and G Reilly along for the ride as they explore the culinary wonders and taste buds in Harlem, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans and Nashville.

Along with all of that, you’ll find these four web extras! Descriptions provided by Fuse:

  • ASK FLUFFY (3 episodes; Digital) – Fuse and Gabriel Iglesias solicit questions via social media on a variety of topics. Moderated by comedian and Fluffy cast member Alfred Robles, Iglesias will answer questions on the “most important” things in life – anything from his favorite wrestler, what to wear on a job interview or how to get revenge on your little brother – all in the humorous way that only Fluffy can deliver. Produced by Fuse Media
  • FLUFFY’S HOT SPOTS (6 episodes; Digital) – In each city he visits, Gabriel Iglesias takes us through the top places to visit. Think of it as a “cheat sheet for tourists” – the restaurants, comedy clubs, tourist locations, scenic stops, snack joints, etc. that get the Fluffy stamp of approval. Produced by Fuse Media.
  • FLUFFY AT HOME (3 episodes; Digital) – Everyone loves going behind the scenes, and fans want to know what Fluffy’s doing when he’s not on the road. This series allows fans to check out Gabriel Iglesias’ man cave filled with his loved VW buses, his personal barber shop and his extensive merchandising area. Produced by Fuse Media.
  • FLUFFY OFF THE MENU (6 episodes; Digital) – FLUFFY’S FOOD ADVENTURES is jumping off…literally! Join Gabriel Iglesias and a few of his favorite chefs as they teach you how to make tasty dishes in a matter of minutes. This is FLUFFY OF THE MENU, produced by Iglesias (EP) and co-produced with B-17 Entertainment and Arsonhouse Entertainment.

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