With all of the talk about President-elect Donald J. Trump having so many problems booking entertainment for his Inaugural Balls, who’d have the balls in comedy to take him up on an invite?

Dan Nainan.

Of course.

Nainan, the Intel engineer who continues to lie about his age when he’s not lying about his comedy credits or punching hecklers, will perform at “The All-American Inaugural Ball” on Thursday night.

His bio for the ball includes all of the Nainan mythos, plus suggests “Dan continues to tour with Russell” Peters. Which should be fun news for Peters.

Nainan, who was 52 when he punched a heckler at the D.C. Improv in 2013, somehow had gotten decades younger by 2016, getting himself quoted in an AP story about young undecided voters — telling them he was 35. At the end of 2016, Forbes wrote a puff piece on him, again buying his tale of being a young lucky 30-something. The Daily Beast outed Nainan’s lies once more. Which prompted this Twitter reply from Peters:

Nainan also has used a misleading photo suggesting a friend of mine was his girlfriend for a Valentine’s Day article in one of the free NYC newspapers.

And you can hear him dance around his lies and exaggerations from this 2015 podcast with some of his critics.

The $300 tickets are sold out for the All American Inaugural Ball at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill, which also is scheduled to include an appearance by astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Lt. Col. Oliver North from the Iran-Contra scandal, singer Beau Davidson, cover bands The Reagan Years and The MIXX, and FOX News contributor Lisa Booth as the emcee.


For what it’s worth…

Four years ago, Nainan performed after midnight at this same inaugural ball in 2013: