Three hours of Dan Nainan interviewed by his comedy critics

This is some deep-level inside baseball comedy feuding, so before I even begin to explain Dan Nainan to you, I’m just going to leave this here for you to see and here.

Three hours and 20 minutes of Nainan appearing on Patrick Melton’s Nobody Likes Onions podcast, talking about a handful of comedians who hate him, refusing to disclose his age, claiming he doesn’t know who Whitney Cummings, and denying he bribed Marc Maron to appear on his WTF podcast, as well as ripping off Russell Peters by creating a dummy website.

And that’s just in the first 90 minutes.

I have to run out the door on another assignment, so please let me know if you watch/listen to the full thing before I do and leave your comments below. I’ll come back to this post with more thoughts later.

As for testimonial videos Nainan touts with famous comedians and politicians, he didn’t deny using misleading language in luring fans into a clip of President Barack Obama calling Nainan “f-ing hilarious,” when he didn’t quite say that.
“How could you not click on that?” Nainan said.

Nainan joked that he’s 74 — a police report from 2013 when he punched a heckler at the D.C. Improv said he was 52 then — but also showed Melton he’s up for a commercial audition this week that’s only open to actors 33 or younger. Why not disclose his age? “But see, that’s half of it,” Nainan said. “That’s half of it. Half of it is you’ve got to be funny, but you also have to – it’s show business. Right? Show and business. This is a lot of things that people do not understand, and they’re like, why is this guy getting all of this work? Go to my website! My phone number is there.”

To his critics, Nainan says: “If they don’t believe me, I don’t care.”

Roll the podcast…

And here’s the Obama soundbite, btw.

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