Celebrate April 20 with Ron Funches and ‘Chopped 420’ on Discovery+

It’s April 20, or 4/20, and that’s the not-so secret code for stoners everywhere to celebrate, because it’s finally 4:20 everywhere.

For a new spin on it, comedian Ron Funches hosts a special spin-off of the popular Food Network competition series, Chopped, called what else, Chopped 420.

As of now, all five episodes should be streaming on discovery+.

In each hour-long episode, four talented and experienced chefs create ganja-infused dishes that must not only provide a buzz but also wow a panel of recurring judges, including chef Esther Choi, drag performer and cannabis activist Laganja Estranja, chef Luke Reyes, chef Sam Talbot and comedian Tacarra Williams, to avoid being chopped. During an episode, the chefs contend with spot prawns and borscht in the appetizer round. In the entrée round, the remaining chefs are greeted with chocolate dentures, an ingredient you’d have to be high to come up with, while the last two competitors standing blaze into the dessert round only to be faced with a bottle of ketchup. The chef that keeps a clear head despite all the haze in the air will be crowned the 420 champion. Other episodes feature host Ron Funches presenting the chefs with sake popsicles to use in their dishes that will have the judges flying high and seeing double; but which chef will bring the judges back down to earth with a good old chocolate milk for dessert? And see what happens when the chefs must use cannabis to compliment the duo of armadillo eggs and eel.

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