2016: The best nine most-liked posts on The Comic’s Comic Instagram

What were the nine most-liked shots I photographed and shared on my Instagram page for @thecomicscomic in 2016?

  1. Tracy Morgan inviting his daughter to take the mic after his Carnegie Hall performance at the 2016 New York Comedy Festival, and I was fortunate enough to be standing in front of the stage when that happened
  2. Sinbad giving me the finger-wag backstage before going on at Carolines on Broadway (we had just wrapped a wonderful conversation in the green room, which you can listen to here: Sinbad on Episode #128 of The Comic’s Comic Presents Last Things First)
  3. Louis CK taking the stage in a suit to kick off the year at the Village Underground stage for The Comedy Cellar
  4. A rainbow rises over Sunnyside Queens and the 7 train
  5. Judah Friedlander, Sasheer Zamata and Bobby Moynihan trade stories of their favorite Christmas specials (you can listen to this conversation if you contribute to my Patreon page)
  6. Wyatt Cenac had both Jim Gaffigan and Mike Birbiglia trying out new jokes at his Monday night Night Train showcase in Brooklyn
  7. Louie Anderson and Martha Kelly celebrated the first-season finale of Baskets on FX by performing at Carolines on Broadway, then staying afterward to watch the show on the big screen at the club
  8. Chris Gethard talked about his career on my podcast and noted how parts of it resembled the storyline of the wonderful movie he appeared in last year, Don’t Think Twice (listen to Chris Gethard on Episode #105 of The Comic’s Comic Presents Last Things First)
  9. I sat front row for Katt Williams at Barclays Center in Brooklyn (and you can read all about it here)

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