Review: Reggie Watts, “Spatial,” on Netflix

No secret I’ve been a fan and friendly with Reggie Watts since the beginning of The Comic’s Comic. His first hour for Netflix, Spatial, came out this week, and here’s an excerpt from my review:

As clear as the all-caps words on Watts’s T-shirt – CHAOTIC GOOD – the comedian/musician’s mission is benevolent disruption. That’s at the heart of all comedy, the upending of your expectations, saying things you wished you could have thought of first, or if you had, then had the courage to say aloud, the misdirections and the inhibitions both.

Watts pulls all of this off with such a confident, almost nonchalant flourish, and has for more than a decade now. He won the Andy Kaufman Award in 2006, and his own comedy seems pulled from not only the likes of Kaufman, but also the vocal wizardry of Bobby McFerrin, the profundity of a TED Talk and the improvisational daring of Del Close.

You can read my full review of Reggie’s new hour on

And watch Reggie Watts: Spatial on Netflix here.

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