Matt Farley performs “Used to be a Pizza Hut” as Papa Razzi and the Photogs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Matt Farley has written more than 18,000 songs in the past eight years, but his biggest performance came Tuesday night when Jimmy Fallon took up the “Suggestion Box” offer of a gig by Papa Razzi and the Photogs.

So here was Farley performing his song, “Used to be a Pizza Hut.”

It’s self-explanatory. As most of his short ditties are.

Farley even wrote a song about me! Back in 2011, he emailed me to let me know his song, “Sean L. McCarthy, You Are The Comic’s Comic” was on iTunes as one of the 92 tracks (92 tracks!!) on his album, Songs About Comedians: Comedy People Are Interesting and Funny – Papa Razzi and The Photogs. He followed that up a year later with another 86 tracks on More Songs About Funny Comic Comedian People – Papa Razzi and The Photogs.

Why even me, though? In 2011, Farley wrote to me: “I like your website!  I happened upon it several times while looking up info on the other comedians I sing about on the album.  After a while, I decided it was time I sang about you as well.”

He has more than 100 other albums on iTunes under different names, as well. And in 2013, he uploaded a semi-autobiographical feature film, Local Legends, about a comedian/musician/entertainer in New Hampshire:

Farley is based on the North Shore of Boston now. As of 2015, his vast catalog of tunes was earning him about $2,000 per month.

After last night’s late-night network TV debut, Farley told me: “The music has been successful enough that I’ve been able to continue doing it, which I consider a great accomplishment!  I can afford to sing songs in the basement for at least 25 hours each week!!! Hopefully my Tonight Show  will make some more people aware of my stuff.  It was really cool of them to have me on!!”

Since you made it this far, here is Farley’s song about me and The Comic’s Comic.


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  1. I love and endorse Matt Farley. I think we are great friends even though we never met.

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