Here’s an insightful video from Chelsea Handler for Elle magazine, in which Handler describes an event in her 20s when she asked a friend to join her on a stand-up showcase for an agency. Her friend got representation. Handler didn’t. “I hated the way that I felt. That I was jealous and that I wanted to be chosen, and there must have been some mistake. How could she get something that I didn’t? It wasn’t fair, because I was the one that convinced her to do stand-up in the first place. And I had all of those thoughts,” Handler said. Handler’s sister told her: “It’s OK for you to feel jealous. It’s OK. That’s a natural feeling. You can’t stop yourself from feeling that way.” So what do you do with that feeling?

Tell one person, then nobody else and don’t act upon it. And remember: “There’s always a space for you, because there is no one who’s exactly like you.”

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