All of the judges (including guest judge George Lopez) loved Sam Morril’s callback audition as seen on Tuesday’s “Judge Cuts” episode of America’s Got Talent, and yet, they cut him nevertheless at the end of the night when they had to pick only seven of 20 acts to move on to the live competition episodes later this summer on NBC. Spoiler alert? Opposition research for the upcoming Comedy Central Roast Battle?!? Then again, if in past years, they allow “wild cards” from the judges to get added back into the mix, perhaps Morril still stands a chance this season.

After all, they went so far as to include extra footage with Morril FaceTiming with Amy Schumer and Rachel Feinstein (after having Morril note on-camera that he went on the road opening for Schumer).

Here’s Morril’s two-minute set for you to judge.

Roll the clip!

And here’s the full segment including his backstory: