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Inside Amy Schumer unveils previously unaired “Gun Lawyer” sketch after latest failed U.S. Senate votes on gun control

After the U.S. Senate failed once again to follow the overwhelming public support for reasonable gun control measures, shooting down four laws that would keep suspected terrorists from legally buying guns in the United States, the folks at Inside Amy Schumer responded by unveiling a new sketch that was cut from this spring’s fourth season on Comedy Central.

The sketch, “The Law Firm of Shrak & Murphy,” debuted on Politico today. It stars H. Jon Benjamin as lawyer Toby Shrak in a TV commercial appealing to viewers to entrust his firm for any tragedy — any tragedy — except for cases involving gun shootings.

“Have you been injured in a mass shooting or other gun crime? Do you want justice? Hi, I’m Toby Shrak of the law firm of Shrak & Murphy, but don’t call me, because there’s nothing I can do.”

Kevin Kane, the show’s supervising producer and a longtime acting collaborator with Schumer who co-founded The Collective together a decade ago, called the segment “absurd” but “100% true,” telling Politico: “Jon Benjamin’s character has this morbid reluctance. There is nothing he can do. That’s the narrative we have all been lulled to sleep by and it’s the narrative, after Monday’s vote, that no one is buying anymore.”

Here’s another sketch from April that did air, showcasing Schumer and Kyle Dunnigan as shopping-channel hosts illustrating just how easy it is to buy a gun, as well as displaying the names of Congressional members deep in the pockets of NRA lobbying money.

“I am sickened by the cowardice of these people who are supposed to lead us,” Schumer told Politico. “Their dedication seems to be only to dollar signs for their own pockets. In November, we will remember who stood with the gun lobby, rather than their constituents, as we mourned for Orlando.”

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