Now “Coming to the Stage,” Meet Mr. Microphone

As Comedy Dynamics first stand-up showcase series, Coming To The Stage, has entered its third season of half-hour stand-up showcases on Hulu, the comedy production house has decided to launch a spin-off series of scripted interstitial moments for its mascot character, Mr. Microphone.

“Like a few great shows, Mr. Microphone actually began as a doodle and snowballed into a television series,” Comedy Dynamics president Brian Volk-Weiss told The Hollywood Reporter last week. “It’s an honor to follow in The Simpsons‘ footsteps.”

The pilot found Mr. Microphone —  a 7’2″ microphone and stand-up comic, who only has five minutes of material after 20 years of performing — inviting himself to Your Mom’s House podcast with Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky.

Episode two this week finds Mr. Microphone auditioning at high noon for The Laugh Factory’s owner Jamie Masada.

Look for future episodes weekly on the Comedy Dynamics YouTube channel.

Sean L. McCarthy

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