Jerry Seinfeld talks comedy for 90 minutes with Howard Stern

Just listen to this interview Jerry Seinfeld gave to Howard Stern on Stern’s SiriusXM program on Wednesday morning. It’s upward of 90 minutes of pure comedy talk. And it’s gold.

Stern really zeroes in everything comedy regarding Seinfeld, from his history with NBC, to his relationships with Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and David Letterman, and the minutia about Seinfeld’s bits, his episodes of Seinfeld and so much more. Stern said he enjoys asking musicians about coming up with hit songs. “Comedy is the same thing, and even harder,” Stern said.¬†What makes it work, though, is how much Seinfeld respects Stern and repeats his desire to be “honest” with him in the interview.

A few highlights…

Seinfeld on not being comfortable, on always thinking of comedy bits, and turning life into a bit:

“Everything. Every second of my existence, I’m thinking: Can I do something with that?”

Seinfeld on the idea of comedy schools:

“It’s like pirate school. There’s no school for this. You want to be a pirate? You got to be a person totally self-sufficient. Totally angry and determined. You’ve got to be kind of furious.”

And on being happily married at 59: “The Jewish male stand-up comedian…is known to be, no question about it, are the longest most happily-married segment of the show-business population.” Why? “Because they’re smart. They know it’s a trick! They’ve played the shell game before.”

Stick around long enough and you’ll also hear Seinfeld and Stern talk to each other about their trademark voices and the mechanics of talking into microphones.

And a gig for 16 people on couches for the Orlando Magic a couple of years ago on Richard Branson’s private island. “They wanted a set.” Absurd? “YES!”

Roll it when you have the time to dedicate to this!

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