Timeline: 100 Game-Changing Moments in Modern American Comedy

In a time when comedians and comedy fans argue about who stole jokes from whom and what’s parallel thinking and are there any original jokes still, it’s a perfect opportunity to look back on our past and celebrate the comedians who blazed the trails before us.

Which is exactly what this great Vulture list and timeline does: 100 Game-Changing Moments in Modern American Comedy!

No need to apologize for not including the Brits, or for wanting to spread the wealth by limiting each person (save for Jack Benny) to one spot on the list, or for broadening the definition of joke to more than just one-liners. It may not be accurate to call this “The 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy.” So I’ve gone ahead and redefined the headline so you’re not misled, and can celebrate this list on its own merits.

At least 99 of these moments are funny, already stand the test of time, and went on to influence generations of funny people (celebrity lip-sync? no thank you). You should take a moment or two or many more to watch, listen and learn.

Thanks to Jesse David Fox and his team of contributors and researchers for assembling the audio, video and descriptions of these 100 Game-Changing Moments in Modern American Comedy.

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