Billy Eichner and Funny or Die “Glam Up The Midterms”

In 2008, comedian Sarah Silverman encouraged us to get out the vote among the elderly in The Great Schlep.

Now in 2018, Silverman has joined Billy Eichner’s movement along with Funny or Die to Glam Up The Midterms in this November’s Congressional elections.

I’m Billy Eichner, a three time Emmy Award nominee and an American citizen, in that order.  I had a dream last night that several small town Americans called me and were begging me to have more TV and film personalities lecture them about politics, so I’m here to answer their prayers!
In all seriousness, this year I’m teaming up with Funny Or Die to Glam Up the Midterms.  We’re going to convince young voters that America hasn’t gone to shit and that they should vote to save democracy.  Say what you will about me, I have a lot of energy and I can’t wait to use it to help get out the vote and help GLAM UP THE MIDTERMS on the hottest day of the year, Nov 6th!

Check out our launch video – starring Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Robin Thede and more – and then sign up at!

Why? Because barely 12 percent of young Americans eligible to vote did so four years ago in the 2014 midterm elections. So they note: “From the same team that brought you Between Two Ferns, Billy On The Street, and that Will Ferrell video where he gets cussed out by a baby, Glam Up the Midterms will work to convince voters under the age of 40 that America hasn’t gone to shit and that they should vote in November.”

And yes, Eichner already hears you haters and critics out there.

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