What originally was billed as a very special Kevin Nealon and friends night Tuesday at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood has morphed into two all-star benefit fundraisers for the 2016 presidential campaign of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

ARTISTS FOR BERNIE quickly sold out its 8 p.m. show Tuesday and added a 5 p.m. show, with tickets running from $50-$1,000, and an announced lineup that includes Sarah Silverman, Jeff Garlin, Paul Rodriguez, Tiffany Haddish and Nealon. George Lopez also has been listed on the lineup. And there will be surprises.

“Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for President who is talking about helping the poor.  I believe Bernie Sanders has the vision and integrity to make America a more equitable and just country,” said Laugh Factory founding owner Jamie Masada, who hosts free dinners and shows for the homeless each Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s an official Bernie Sanders campaign event, so tickets go through his campaign and not the club.

Here’s a look at Silverman introducing Sanders at a campaign event in Los Angeles last summer: