Terrible People write another song about Bill Murray. Watch the music video. Features comedian as zombie.

Bill Murray has another song about him. How many comedians have multiple songs named for them, anyhow? I suppose I could look into that.

But first, here's the most recent "Bill Murray" track to get recorded, and Terrible People have done it. Terrible People, of course, is a rock band from Phoenix, Ariz. And they made a music video for their ode to Murray, casting comedian Jim Tavare in the lead role as a zombie (referencing Zombieland) as the band sings lyrics referencing several of Murray's other cinematic roles.

Roll the clip!


Bill Murray (Director's Cut) - Bill Murray (Director's Cut) - Single

Of course, you may recall that Gorillaz had a track called "Bill Murray" on their album, D-Sides. But they're not the only ones to put their love of the comedic actor on record.

The official Gorillaz video for Murray isn't much to look out unless you're already zoned-out by ambient light and music, so here's a fan-made video of that Gorillaz track.


You can buy it on iTunes: Bill Murray - D-Sides (Deluxe Edition)

Then there's "The Bill Murray Punk Song," by Rivn.

What other songs are written in the key of Bill Murray? Well…

Sweatshop Union has a hip-hop EP named "The Bill Murray," with one track for the comedian with a lyrical smackdown calling someone who's "not Murray more like an O'Reilly." Bill Murray - The Bill Murray EP

Dan Aux and Youx titled an electronic instrumental for Murray. Bill Murray - Fire House 1

Smokey Smelko raps about a Cadillac on "Bill Murray." Bill Murray - Pink Eagle

Trey Green's rock song imagines "Bill Murray, Philosopher," based in part on his role in Groundhog Day. Bill Murray, Philosopher - The Awesomeness

The Anatomy of Frank's pop song has more of a sweeping feel to it. Bill Murray - Relax, There's Nothing Here But Old Pictures - Single

Her Candane stakes out a hard rock position with the title, "Chevy Chase Is Good, But He's No Bill Murray." Chevy Chase Is Good, But He's No Bill Murray - No Battle!

Lindsay Weidmann says the apocalypse has nothing to do with his other movies, but she wants to make out, so "Bill Murray, We Got To Hurry." "The world is ending, we've got sweet love to make!" Ay ay ay! Bill Murray, We Gotta Hurry - Quasi-Erotic Dreams of Famous Middle Aged Actors

The Gifthorse specifies its references with "Bill Murray, Circa 1993." Bill Murray Circa 1993 - The Gifthorse

Papa Razzi and the Photogs just wants to talk to him in "Bill Murray is My Idol." Bill Murray is my Idol - Fame is Awesome!

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  1. The nod to Bill Murray in the song of the same name by Terrible People pays homage to many of Murray’s roles such as Groundhog Day and Lost in Translation just to name a few with Zombieland the most obvious. This video illustrates through Tavare’s performance the “dead” existence of American society in the collapse of today’s socioeconomic state. Jim Tavare brings to life a tragic clown whose death is applicable to every man with brains attempting to stay alive.

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