In the parallel TV universe, the Mad Men at Sterling Cooper are in 1963 and owned by Brits. Would they be called upon in 1969, when Monty Python's Flying Circus debuted on the BBC? Or in the early 1970s when Python first appeared on American TV? I asked Rich Sommer, who plays the head of Sterling Cooper's TV department, Harry Crane, and had some previous training with the UCB. Sommer was one of a couple of Mad Men (I also met Michael Gladis there) at the red-carpet screening of Monty Python's new six-part documentary, which debuts tonight on IFC (at 9 p.m., an hour earlier than Mad Men on AMC, so everything's good!). So here that is. Enjoy! Roll it:

Set your TVs! IFC is airing Python movies and TV episodes every night this week after installments of Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyers Cut).