History orders up Join or Die with Craig Ferguson series

Craig Ferguson’s next TV series will be near and dear to his heart, and already is tattooed in ink along his right arm.

The History Channel has ordered 16 half-hour episodes of Join or Die with Craig Ferguson.

Ferguson, Scottish-born but has since become a U.S. citizen, will debate topics of American history with celebrity guests and historians alike. Among the topics: What was the biggest presidential campaign flop; who was the greatest founding father; or which invention was history’s greatest game changer.

“Join or Die” was a famous slogan and cartoon from Benjamin Franklin that rallied the American colonists in the years leading up to the American Revolution and 1776 Declaration of Independence. Ferguson acquired the tattoo in 2009 and showed it off shortly thereafter at his gig of the time, hosting The Late Late Show on CBS.

“I’m a huge fan of History and what they do,” Ferguson said in today’s press release announcing the series order. “I’m delighted to be on their schedule and promise that we will have a lot of fun but we will also stick to the truth.”

Join or Die with Craig Ferguson is executive produced by Craig Ferguson, Phil Cottone, Brian Volk-Weiss and Jim Biederman. Tim Healy and Matt Ginsburg are executive producers for History. Production by Comedy Dynamics, Green Mountain West and Lionsgate TV.

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