Stephen Colbert has said in multiple interviews this month that he brought pretty much his entire writing team from Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report with him a few blocks downtown to the Ed Sullivan Theatre and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

And CBS confirmed as much today. At least for his most senior producers and writers. Straight from the press release:

Colbert brings with him many members of his Emmy and Peabody Award-winning team from “The Colbert Report.” Tom Purcell, who served as executive producer and writer, will continue in the same role for THE LATE SHOW. In addition, Meredith Bennett will serve as executive producer, expanding her previous role as co-executive producer.

Emily Lazar and Barry Julien, both from “The Colbert Report,” have been named co-executive producers. Additionally, Julien will retain his duties as a writer and Lazar will head the talent department. Head writer Opus Moreschi (“The Colbert Report”) adds supervising producer to his title and will work alongside Jay Katsir (“The Colbert Report”), who has been promoted to head writer. Also from “The Colbert Report,” Matt Lappin and Paul Dinello join the production as supervising producers/writers. THE LATE SHOW will be directed by Jim Hoskinson (“The Colbert Report”). Tanya Bracco (“The Colbert Report”) will serve as supervising producer and executive-in-charge.

New to Colbert’s team is Emily Gertler (“Good Morning America”), who joins THE LATE SHOW as senior entertainment producer. Sheryl Zelikson will be the music producer, joining THE LATE SHOW after holding the same title for the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

BrianStack_Colbert_LateShow_writer_2015In addition, Colbert lured veteran Conan writer Brian Stack back to New York City and The Onion’s Jen Spyra from Chicago as writers, and hired Jon Batiste as his bandleader.  At right is a photo I took of Stack when we happened to meet up on the sidewalk in April as he was showing up for his first day back! Ah, memories.

Here’s The Colbert Report writing staff nominated once again for an Emmy this year for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series:

  • Opus Moreschi, Head Writer
  • Stephen Colbert, Writer
  • Tom Purcell, Writer
  • Barry Julien, Writer
  • Paul Dinello, Writer
  • Matt Lappin, Writer
  • Jay Katsir, Writer
  • Michael Brumm, Writer
  • Rob Dubbin, Writer
  • Glenn Eichler, Writer
  • Max Werner, Writer
  • Eric Drysdale, Writer
  • Nate Charny, Writer
  • Aaron Cohen, Writer
  • Gabe Gronli, Writer
  • Ariel Dumas, Writer

Colbert and company are about to make a whole slew of new memories soon enough.

Colbert’s Late Show debuts on CBS at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015.