Mad_poster The makers of MAD magazine have teamed up with a Robot Chicken and producers from Warner Bros. Animation to bring the mag's "What me, worry?" blend of spoofery and pop culture parody to television as a new animated series, MAD, debuting Sept. 6, 2010, on the Cartoon Network.

It's not Adult Swim, per se, since the series will air at 8:30 p.m. Mondays.

Here's a glimpse of the show and talky talk from two of the producers, Kevin Shinick (Robot Chicken) and Peter Girardi, from last month's Comic-Con in San Diego.

Would you like to see MAD's versions of Star Blecch, Keeping up with the Carcrashians and Avaturd? How about their take on the iPhone? it's in there. Well, maybe not in this preview clip, but it's in the series.

Roll it!