Comedians rally to help “New Face” Julio Torres remain a comedy face in America

Julio Torres, a Space Prince on Tumblr and a “New Face of Comedy” in Montreal last month, is in danger of losing his privileges to keep his funny face and the rest of him in the United States.

“I have a bit of a problem,” wrote Torres, an El Salvador native, to friends and fans this morning. “I need to raise money to pay for pricey immigration expenses that would ensure I keep living in the United States. And I need to start that process like, now.
Please please consider donating if you like me, my work, or generally think I should remain among you. Thank you very, very much.”

Within 13 hours, 163 supporters and counting had raised the $5,000 that Torres was seeking via his Legalize Julio GoFundMe page. By hour 17, another 19 supporters had helped pitch in another $1,000, giving him $6,000 toward his artist visa and other expenses to remain legally in the United States.

“Wow, thank you. This was FAST and it means so, so much. Now I get to apply for this thing, and hopefully get approved within the next months,” Torres wrote tonight on Facebook.

Here’s the video plea that went out Wednesday morning:

Chris Gethard, Jo Firestone, John Early and Laraine Newman are among the comedians testifying on behalf of Torres in the plea video.

“I know you might not have a lot of money. But it is very important that you donate so that he can buy a visa to stay in the country,” Firestone said. “I know there’s a lot of important causes out there, but here is a man who will slip tiny fake diamonds into your pocket when you’re least expecting it.”

Good work, comedy community!

Here was Torres last November when he participated in Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch” showcase at the New York Comedy Festival:

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