Gobstopper movie trailer: Everlasting horror?

It's Thursday afternoon and how busted are your March Madness brackets already? Pretty scary, huh? (Preceding sentences only applicable to people who care enough about men's college basketball to bet money on the season-ending tournament with friends and co-workers) You know what we all can agree was pretty scary and yet also brilliant? The 1971 movie Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder. Go watch it again right now (if you don't enjoy college basketball, that is). It's next on TV on March 28, 2009 on ABC Family. In 2005, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp decided to remake the film in their odd way as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and if you hadn't seen the 1971 original adaptation, you may have been OK with it. Over the past few years, though, fans with access to the YouTubes have uploaded some inspired edits of the 1971 footage to play up the more thrilling aspects. But none of them have gone full tilt extravaganza and shot an entirely new horrifying version, which is what writer/director Eric Appel has done for Funny or Die in Gobstopper. The trailer features comedian Paul Rust and Friday Night Light's QB1 Zach Gilford with two lovely ladies (Martha MacIsaac from Superbad and the new The Last House on the Left, and Nicky Whelan)who get caught up in Willy Wonka's world, with Paul Scheer as Slugworth, Wee Man as an Oompa Loompa and Christopher Lloyd as a perfect pick for the dark candy overlord.

For reference points, you can watch the trailer for the 1971 film's recent release on DVD, as well as a fan recut of the original, after the jump.

Here's one of the many Willy Wonka recuts out there for viewing:

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