Ever been shopping for clothes, or a soft drink, and thought, if only someone were nearby to tell me jokes?

SeeSaw Networks was thinking just that, and earlier this week announced a deal with Gotham Comedy Club to put the New York City comedy club's content in SeeSaw's "place-based media network."

“We are very excited about our agreement with SeeSaw Networks”, said Gotham founder/owner Chris Mazzilli. “This is a great opportunity for us to further the Gotham brand on a national level.”

What does that mean, exactly? Well. Gotham will produce a short-form, 10-minute video package called "The Gotham Moment." Ten to twelve stand-up comedians will tell their jokes from the Gotham stage, and those jokes will be "clean, evergreen material appropriate for retail settings." So if you were thinking taxi cabs were just the start of video content invading your everyday experience, get ready to get a little bit closer to the future.

As SeeSaw's founder, Monte Zweben, put it: “In an era of exploding media choices, immersive content is the key difference between high audience engagement and active awareness.”