Toupee or not toupee. That is the question.

Whether or not you’re surprised at the news that Jason Alexander will replace Larry David on Broadway this summer in David’s play, Fish in the Dark — you’re not surprised, how could you be surprised, seriously, since Alexander’s most famous role came playing a fictional version of David in Seinfeld — now you’ll get to see it happen again.

Alexander won a Tony Award in 1989.

In 2011, Alexander began sporting a toupee, explaining that he wanted casting agents to consider him for more varied roles both onstage and onscreen.

β€œI left Broadway 25 years ago because Larry David co-created the show that would change my life and career,” Alexander said in a press release. β€œIt is totally amazing that he also created the show that would bring me back to Broadway. I am thrilled I get to do this hilarious play for him and with this wonderful cast. It is quite simply more fun than any bald man should have.”

So, no toupee, then.