Jason Jones, 43, joined The Daily Show in September 2005, and as Jon Stewart joked while feting Jones on Thursday night — his last as a correspondent — he was the “show’s beefcake” in the beginning.

Here’s the show’s tribute to Jones, as broadcast last night on Comedy Central:

But Jones, a Canadian by birth, became the show’s truly foreign correspondent, visiting Iran and Russia, among other places. His trip to Iran helped inspire the 2014 film Rosewater, which Stewart directed, wrote and took time off two summers ago to shoot. Jones also became a father three times during his tenure — which resulted in extra hilarity thanks to his wife also being a TDS correspondent, Samantha Bee.

Their burgeoning family gave birth, in turn, to their own TBS series, which will start production this fall. Jones announced a month ago he’d leave TDS to star in his TBS sitcom.

And now, one last moment of Zen, featuring Jason Jones. Roll the clip!