Can you picture hearing “A-A-Ron?” on the big screen?

If it was good enough for Saturday Night Live in the 1990s, then why not for one of the critically-acclaimed sketch shows of the 2010s?

Key & Peele has spun off one of its Comedy Central sketch characters, substitute teacher Mr. Garvey, into a major motion picture called Substitute Teacher to Paramount Pictures (which is part of the Viacom family along with Comedy Central). Keegan-Michael Key stars as Garvey, whose inner-city teaching experience gave him a different appreciation for pronouncing names and treating students, among other things. Jordan Peele will portray another teacher at the school, with a script from show co-producers Rich Talarico and Alex Rubens.

Here’s the initial sketch that’s at 72 million views and counting since uploading to YouTube in 2012.

Is this the teacher Peele will play in the film? Or is he destined for a different role…

More views from the classroom: