Daniel Tosh raised a simple, valid question on this week’s episode of his hit Comedy Central series, Tosh.0: How come Comedy Central never has invited Tosh to participate in one of its roasts? Is it because he doesn’t need the extra publicity? Or is the network afraid of making him such a big star that they could never have cancelled Brickleberry?

It’s not as if Tosh doesn’t get away with a few zingers at the expense of Comedy Central during each of his episodes — his attempts to roast Justin Bieber in this clip notwithstanding. So, instead, Tosh turns the tables on hismelf, and in a take on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment, Tosh invited his “seasonal” neighbor Uncle Leo to read some of the harsher Tweets Tosh’s fans have leveled at him.

Roll the clip!