Month: February 2015

Jack Black as Adam Devine’s father figure on Workaholics, and other pitch-perfect parenting sitcom guest casting

When Adam Devine burst into our national consciousness — not just through his starring role in Comedy Central’s Workaholics, but also through a national ad campaign and a plum role in the singing feature film Pitch Perfect — I was far from the only person to notice how Devine reminded us all of a young, energetic Jack Black. Devine and his Workaholics crew noticed, too. So when they cast about for someone to play Adam’s father DeMamps, they went the obvious route and just got Jack Black. Roll the clip! Father, brother, still a very close comedy bloodline relative....

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Greg Warren on The Late Late Show

Greg Warren performed on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Late Show on CBS, guest-hosted by Billy Gardell. Warren let us know that his idea of a workout regimen separates himself from most people who exercise. Or is that seperate? Either way, it’s not helping him get closer to his Muslim neighbors in New York City. He’s from St. Louis, though. Where his father and family have their own ideas about what’s fair and right, both in restaurant pricing and in high-school football. Roll the clip! Post by Greg...

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Daniel Sloss makes fourth appearance on Conan

Daniel Sloss isn’t sure what to make of American audiences, what with the way they laugh at jokes in a very specific way, and not as broadly as the Brits. Sloss is certain that he’d be a hit with Hitler, though, what with his blond-haired Aryan face. He also apparently is quite a hit with Team Coco, as Sloss made his American TV debut on Conan in December 2013, and this Tuesday already marked his fourth appearance performing stand-up on the show. And he’s still only 24! Oh, to be young. Roll the...

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The cast of NBC’s Parks and Recreation debriefs post-finale on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Parks and Recreation wrapped its seventh and final season last night on NBC with a series of heartfelt flash-forwards showing how and where all of the lovable members of Pawnee, Indiana’s parks department ended up 10, 20 years from now. And then, we cut back to 2015. And the Parks cast, along with creator Mike Schur, joined Seth Meyers for a fun debriefing on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Pictured above: Jim O’Heir, Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Mike Schur, Meyers, Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Retta, Aziz Ansari. Spoiler alert: Watch the cast sing goodbye to Lil Sebastian...

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An Open Letter to the Academy Awards, from Tig Notaro, asking to host the 2016 Oscars

This letter originally appeared on, who asked that it go viral. We’re more than happy at The Comic’s Comic to oblige. An open letter to the people looking for a new Oscar host, Now, let me start by saying that I don’t have a problem with Neil Patrick Harris. This letter is STRICTLY an attempt to procure work for myself and if that means bumping this dude out of the way next year, then so be it. And so without further ado- Here are the top 11 reasons why I am the obvious choice to host the 2016...

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