Day: August 6, 2014

In the year “2776,” and the logistics of producing an all-star futuristic parody album

Imagine a future in which aliens threaten the Earth, only to have the President of the United States in 2776 and the first president, George Washington, travel through the centuries to show the aliens why America and the planet are worth saving. And our first and future presidents are voiced by Paul F. Tompkins and Will Forte, respectively. It’s the makings of  “2776: A Millennium of American Asskickery,” a new all-star satirical album assembled and written by Rob Kutner (Conan, The Daily Show) and the Levinson Brothers, Stephen and Joel Moss Levinson (Tonight Show, Comedy Central). The trio previously...

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Neal Brennan publicly updates us on Tracy Morgan’s recovery

Neal Brennan went on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night to promote his new Sundance series based on New York magazine’s The Approval Matrix. But first, Brennan also wanted us all to know he spoke with Tracy Morgan on Monday. Physically, Morgan’s recovery may be slow. But mentally, Brennan claims Morgan is back on track already. Roll the clip. (Or read the...

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SAG-AFTRA posts “Do Not Work” notice to performers seeking “Laughs” TV credit

If you were hoping to use Laughs as a TV credit and as a path to SAG-AFTRA membership, well, let the actors union stop you right there. SAG-AFTRA issued a “no-contract, no-work” order Tuesday against the stand-up comedy showcase series, which debuted late Saturday night on FOX as a summer trial show. The union’s notice said that Half Life Productions and executive producer Steve Hofstetter “has not yet executed a minimum basic agreement with SAG-AFTRA. Therefore, all SAG-AFTRA members are hereby informed that no member may accept work or appear as a guest on this series. Violating this order may result in...

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Ricky Gervais and the BBC to produce a David Brent rockumentary in big-screen spinoff of “The Office”

When is a movie about The Office not an Office movie? When Ricky Gervais says it is? The BBC and Gervais announced Tuesday that they’re collaborating on a movie imagining his David Brent character in his life 15 years after leaving the paper company he managed in the fictional BBC Two series — which itself spun off successful adaptations in America and around the world. Life On The Road will see David Brent financing a UK concert tour. Gervais, for his part, clarified it thusly: “Just to be clear, I am not making an “Office” movie. I’m doing a...

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Profiles in Funny: Dan Dion’s photographs from Montreal’s Just For Laughs, 2014

Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival can seem like a whirlwind, whether it’s your first year or your 30th, whether you’re a fan or a Gala headliner. But photographer Dan Dion managed to make time stop once again this July, thanks to his camera and the trust he has with the many performers who pose for him. You can see Dion’s portraits of comedians in the halls of Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, Sydney Comedy Store in Australia, and both Cobb’s Comedy Club and the Punch Line in his own...

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