Last week, MTV debuted a silly little spoof of its own Girl Code and Guy Code comedy advice series, called “Squirrel Code.”

They took footage of squirrels in the wild and dressed up puppets, gave them barely fake names (comedian Carly Aquilino or squirrel Barely Acornino! Damien Lemon becomes Dominic Lime?) and provided voice-over advice for the little furry creatures.

Roll the clip!

Cute, harmless fun, right?

Well, what if Google told you that Squirrel Code already exists as a webseries uploaded to YouTube five months ago? Starring Chrissie Mayr and several other NYC-based comedians, all of whom populate the same comedy scene as the young men and women seen on the MTV series. Hmmm.


Here are the first two parts about Mating & Dating, with Koretta Gray, Pat Dixon, Emily Tarver and Sarah Tollemache joining Mayr as humans in squirrel hats, with squirrely advice:

And here’s one more, on dealbreakers and nuts:

Disclosure: These earlier “Squirrel Code” videos were filmed and edited by Dan Hirshon, who shares a mailing address with The Comic’s Comic HQ.