Sneak peak at Eagleheart, new Adult Swim series starring Chris Elliott as a kick-ass U.S. Marshal

At last night's Whiplash show at New York's UCB Theatre, director Jason Woliner (Human Giant) previewed an episode of the new Adult Swim series he worked on, Eagleheart, which stars Chris Elliott as an over-the-top U.S. Marshal and debuts Feb. 3.

Check out a clip!


More? Alrighty then. Eagleheart is produced by Conan O'Brien's Conaco, with a cast that also features Brett Gelman and Maria Thayer as his sidekicks and Michael Gladis as Chief. In the episode Woliner screened for the NYC audience, which he said was the "original first episode" but will air sometime later on, Elliott's "Chris Monsanto" reveals a special fighting move: The Death Punch. It's absurd and holds no punches. Obviously. It stars Chris Elliott. Anyhow. After utilizing "The Death Punch," Monsanto feels massive guilt upon learning his criminal victim left behind a wife and kids, and then absurdity ensues.

Other episodes are just as violent and silly.

A press release suggests "Monsanto may battle a pair of evil twin gubernatorial candidates, surgically alter his appearance to investigate a string of elderly kidnappings, track missing mountain lions to the center of the earth, or punch people so hard they explode."

Another clip!


Related: Team Coco talks to Eagleheart creators (and former Late Night with Conan writers Michael Koman and Andrew Weinberg) about the series. You'll learn that a certain former "Late Night" feature helped inspire the pilot. If you're thinking Walker, Texas Ranger, then, yes. Also how the initial pilot pitch was different from what eventually became Eagleheart. Listen here!

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