When you and I saw "Mr. Zed" show up Monday night on NBC's Last Comic Standing as the "Robot Comedian of the future," it was rather easy to dismiss his audition as just another lark. Judge Greg Giraldo quipped, "Is this a character that you're doing?"

How's this for an understatement?!?!

Not only is "Mr. Zed" a character that David Kirk Taylor has been doing, but it's an alter ego he developed two decades ago and has been entertaining audiences with, both here but even more over in Italy, ever since, performing for the Pope and the president. Here he was back in 1993 with Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford. Taylor starts to talk more like a human toward the end of the interview, but I've got to hand it to this robot for staying in character for so many years. Roll the clips.