There’s ego stroking. And then there’s whatever the writers and producers of long-running CBS sitcom, Two And A Half Men, are doing to perpetuate their neverending suck-up to Ashton Kutcher. Whatever are they doing, indeed?

As my friends at Previously.TV point out in this new superclip¬†reel highlighting all of the times various characters — from Jon Cryer’s to Amber Tamblyn, Ryan Stiles, Patton Oswalt, Hilary Duff and so many others — have resorted to talking about Kutcher’s physical body of work as online billionaire Walden Schmidt.¬† What’s his looks got to do, got to do, got to do with anything? Much less jokes?!

And for this, CBS is PAYING Kutcher north of $750,000 per episode or $20 million a year, depending upon whom you ask and whether you read his contract. Because the small print in that contract says his penis must be talked up as large as his bank account. Ego stroking.

Roll the clip.