I’ve been seeing this ad for at least a week or two, and it still confuses me.

Yes, we know it’s baseball season, and time for the latest update to the MLB videogame of choice, and oooh, look at how realistic the graphics are in 2014. It’s almost like you’re inside Fenway Park. But, who’s this real guy walking around in the old-time uniform, talking about how “Baseball is Better”?

They want you to think it’s Kenny Powers from HBO’s Eastbound and Down.

And yet, it’s as if the ad campaign said, let’s get Kenny Fucking Powers to sell this videogame. Only without the F-ing. Or even the shorthand for cursing. No cursing. Just make him earnest. Sincere. How about if we just make him Danny McBride. The real guy. You think anyone will know the difference?

Roll the clip!