Here’s another Saturday Night Live sketch with host Louis C.K. that didn’t make it past Saturday night’s dress rehearsal.

One man’s space junk is another man’s space hunk, am I right?

This sketch, “Space Encounter,” takes the Star Trek motif, puts CK in Klingon get-ups or whatnot — they never do say what kind of alien he’s supposed to be, really — and shows that he and his alien race are asexual but really really appreciate the human male body. As evidenced by all of the posters on the spaceship’s walls. So there’s that. This also is a sketch about how obviously closeted John Milhiser’s character is. Even though it’s 2080-something, as Beck Bennett’s character points out. We’re over it.

On a night when Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant so boldly went where SNL had not gone before with “Dyke & Fats,” this sketch pales too brightly in comparison.