What do you mean this isn't a real thing? The truth is out there. And sometimes the truth hurts. What is truth, exactly? CollegeHumor plays off of FOX's recent night to honor Seth MacFarlane — which really is every Sunday at this point — and figures out the secret of his success. Usually, when you make a hit TV show, others are quick to copy you. MacFarlane already has beaten you to the punch. Yield to Zod. (Seth is Zod, and I am Kal-El? Get that Kryptonite away from me!)

And yet. Watching this makes you wonder if this formula is so successful for a reason. The Cleveland Show = American Dad = Family Guy = Seth MacFarlane Animation Domination. Will it always be funny? My head hurts just thinking about it. Am I laughing at this or with this? Satire confuses me today. Roll the clip!