Brooks Wheelan is one of “the new guys” this season on Saturday Night Live. A year ago, he could have been just another of thousands of guys hoping to break out in stand-up comedy. Quite a lot happens and happened between the then and the now of it.

And over the past year, Wheelan managed to put a little bit of each day on film. As he tells it:

“I filmed a second or so from each day last year. My friend, Rory Scovel, made a similar video in 2012 so I copied him. I picked a very lucky year to film. I started it off as an LA stand up comic with an engineering day job, and through a crazy turn of events, I ended it working at Saturday Night Live. This was a very fortunate year.

Side note: if you only film one second out of your day and put it to music, it looks like your day was much cooler than it actually was.”