This is candy for my brain, how about yours?

All five members of Kids in the Hall are reuniting this year — yes, you knew that — but also, they’re going to present a live staged reading of their 1996 film, Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, at the 9th annual Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival on March 11.


Not only that, this reading will include the debut screening of the film’s original ending! Mind blown.

It’s happening March 11 at Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson will be joined by musical accompaniment from the movie’s original score composer, Craig Northey of The Odds, as well as by Chris Murphy and Gregory MacDonald of Sloan.

Tickets on sale now via

I loved Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy when I first saw it in the movie theater in 1996 in Seattle. Whether you’ve seen it before or not, you really should.