The official NBC Last Comic Standing website is still a few days away from making the leap from 2010 to present-day 2014. But the email line is open now if you want Last Comic‘s producers to consider you for an on-air callback audition!

That is, if Gmail is working today…

Spoiler alert: It is. Despite what you may have heard/seen earlier, Gmail is up.

And bigger SPOILER ALERT! Gmail right now is the only way to be seen by Last Comic producers and bookers. There will be no open casting calls with lines down the street outside of comedy clubs for season eight of LCS. Not that attending an open casting call for Last Comic Standing ever did any aspiring stand-up any favors — working professional comedians always received booked auditions and bypassed the lines thanks to their agents and/or managers. So if you want to have any hope of seeing yourself onstage as a Last Comic Standing finalist — like the 10 comedians pictured above from season 7 in 2010 (Tommy Johnagin, Laurie Kilmartin, Felipe Esparza, Jonathan Thymius, Roy Wood Jr., Mike DeStefano, James Admonian, Myq Kaplan, Maronzio Vance, Rachel Feinstein), then send LCS producers an email here:

“They should send us a link to their stand-up and include contact info,” producers told The Comic’s Comic. Please include a link to your best performance material, as well as a brief bio, including where you’re based, any credits you already have, and years of experience.

Related: NBC Casting info is up for various other shows that appeal to stand-up comedians, including America’s Got Talent and Stand-Up For Diversity. Updated info for Last Comic should be available online next week.

Further intel: The Comic’s Comic spoke with Last Comic Standing’s executive producer Page Hurwitz (who is resurrecting the TV competition with Wanda Sykes), as well as with original former LCS e.p. Barry Katz.

P.P.S. NBC’s head of alternative programming, Paul Telegdy, spoke with The TV Page last weekend during TCAs, and said season 8 for Last Comic Standing would not include a house, but would include challenge rounds as seen during earlier seasons and iterations. Plus: Mentoring from veteran headliner comedians, a la NBC’s hit, The Voice: β€œOne of the things that we have learned from THE VOICE [and] reflects the relationship that more senior stand-up comedians have with young up-and-comers is that they will frequently have people to open for them, And so we thought it would be fun to introduce an element of mentorship and that could attract some rally big names.”

No names of mentors or a host for LCS8 yet, though. Stay tuned!