Earlier today, Mike Birbiglia declared: “I am obviously a culinary genius.”

What, pray tell, had the stand-up comedian and storyteller done with food this time? Certainly something involving pizza, considering how much he talks about the pies onstage and off. If you guessed pizza, then you were very very very close.

How about a pepperoni pizza on a burger?

From May 1-3, 2012, Station Eats in New Caanan and Stamford, Conn., will make and sell customers The Birbig Burger (not The Birbigs Burger? hmmm).

As the restaurant proclaimed: “Mike’s created an awesome burger for Station Eats: The Birbig Burger – a grassfed beef burger topped with fresh mozzarella, our housemade pizza sauce and pepperoni. Also check out Mike B’s outstanding show at the Palace Theater on May 3. We are proud to serve up the Birbig Burger from May 1-3. Thanks Mike!”

Local food blog CTBites already heaped praise on Birbiglia’s culinary concoction: “We tested and tasted it and it is a darn good burger!”

Worth a road trip? What say you?