“How’d You Get That Show?” from Stand Up: The Musical

How would you open a musical stage production about the inner workings of stand-up comedy?

Jason Saenz and Jake Young have opened theirs with this little number, “How’d You Get That Show?” Two things to note off the top: Saenz and Young first performed this song live a few months ago at The Creek and The Cave‘s Creek Awards; and, well, there is no complete version of “Stand Up: The Musical” for Broadway, Off-Broadway or even Off-Off-Broadway. Not yet, anyhow.

But the year is still young…

If you like this song, perhaps you can encourage the fellas to write the rest of the show.

As Young wrote on his Tumblr: “Last year there were rumors going around about someone shopping/producing a musical for Broadway based on the world of Standup Comedy. Realizing this is a terrible idea, me and longtime friend Jason Saenz imagined what a musical about the life of a Standup comic would actually be likeā€¦The answer is: petty, bitter, and wonderful.”

Roll the clip!

“How’d You Get That Show?”

Written & Performed by Jason Saenz and Jake Young
Piano by Eric Gersen
Produced by Adina Pliskin
Directed by Adina Pliskin & Bill Kerr
Cinematography by Tristan Walker
Edited by Jacks Genega
Shot at The Creek And The Cave, Long Island City, NY

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