“What a dream come true. Thank you to the incredible Ray Romano! You are one of my heroes. One of the first videos we ever put online was the Romano parody seven years ago. So this was a dream come true to do it with the actual Ray Romano. It’s amazing. When we were doing it, we were shooting ‘Romano Sings,’ and we were going to shoot ‘Romano Duets’ right after it, and our times overlapped, so I’m singing, like, ‘OH YAYYYYY,’ and then I hear, I’ve never met him before in my life, I don’t know he walked in, he comes in the shadows and I just hear, ‘What the hell is that?!'”

— Pete Holmes, on Monday’s episode of The Pete Holmes Show, after introducing the world to his side-by-side impersonation of Ray Romano, with the real Ray Romano.

Roll the clip!

And here is that way back clip, actually posted on YouTube first in June 2008:

And Holmes doing Ray Romano singing live at the UCB in NYC in 2009, with Matt Besser introducing him during “Greatest Concert Ever” show as part of that year’s Del Close Marathon: