You don’t often see a comedy club owner on as a guest for a late-night TV talk show.

But Budd Friedman has owned one or more clubs known as The Improv for 50 years now — and has the anniversary documentary airing next month on EPIX to show for it — so he went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about it.

Friedman reminisced with Fallon about the first time Budd saw Jimmy perform at one of his clubs, only at the urging of his wife. Fallon gave an interview for the EPIX documentary on the Improv, so we see a clip of that, too (with a surprise big-name cameo).

In his “Late Night” chat with Fallon, Friedman also makes the case for Robert Klein paving the way for a generation of comedians, and relates an old tale about the first time he met and saw Andy Kaufman.

Roll the clip!