Arsenio Hall welcomes ArScheerio Paul to his show. Time + space still continuum.

What happens when Arsenio Hall welcomes not just an impersonator of himself, but himself in the past? Well, that happened last night when Paul Scheer appeared on Arsenio as “ArScheerio Paul,” the character he inhabited for a webseries re-enacting classic moments from the 1990s version of Hall’s late-night talk show.

It makes for a weird segment as Hall gets weirded out, pleasantly enough, but also enough to not know quite where to take Scheer’s alternate time-warped reality version of him. “I know he’s trying to front, but that jacket is tight,” the real Arsenio boasted earlier in the hour on Tuesday night’s show.

Hall finds out that ArScheerio’s favorite interview of his was with the late rapper, Tupac; his dream interview Alf. And we all miss the pound.

Roll the clip!

Let’s go back in time to that Tupac interview, via ArScheerio, with Jordan Peele playing Tupac.

In case you think this is all just fronting, go back 20 years to 1993 to see the real thing…

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