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The fifth annual Pardcast day-after-Thanksgiving all-star comedy telethon, now with Laffster

From noon to midnight today Pacific time, comedians and funny celebrities are going to put a smile on your Black Friday faces once more to benefit kids around the world who cannot physically smile. But this year’s fifth annual Pardcast-a-Thon is streaming its way live to you without the usual buffers, thanks to Laffster. Jimmy Pardo, Matt Belknap and Pat Francis lead the usual Never Not Funny podcast as well as this very special annual Pardcast that raises money for cleft-repair surgery via Smile Train (more than $300,000 raised during the first four years of the event). You can bid on eBay...

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Conan O’Brien roasts, toasts Pete Holmes on The Pete Holmes Show

Interviewing your boss is weird. Interviewing your boss on TV is weirder. Interviewing your boss on TV when your boss has his own TV show interviewing other people is the weirdest. But when you’re Pete Holmes and you’ve built a following outside your stand-up comedy through a podcast called “You Made It Weird,” then it only makes perfect sense to invite the late-night TV host who gave you your own late-night TV show over as your special guest. On Thanksgiving. Might as well make fun of Conan O’Brien by impersonating him in the monologue while you’re at it, Pete!...

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Brody Stevens backstage at Chelsea Lately: Justin Bieber’s debut (Nov. 18, 2009)

Brody Stevens stars in Comedy Central’s “first dramatic comedy series,” Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! which debuts at midnight as Sunday, Dec. 1, gives way to Monday, Dec. 2. The series looks at the life and career of Stevens. Here’s an exclusive look back at where he was four Novembers ago, when he warmed up the audiences for Chelsea Handler’s talk show, Chelsea Lately, at its old E! studio in Santa Monica. On this afternoon — Nov. 18, 2009 — none of us really knew the 15-year-old guest. But that’s only because Justin Bieber just had released his first EP...

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Kevin McCaffrey’s network TV debut on Late Show with David Letterman

Kevin McCaffrey has contributed monologue jokes to David Letterman and once stood on stage, hosed down by Letterman with a fire extinguisher for a bit on CBS’ Late Show. But Wednesday night’s appearance was special, for it was McCaffrey’s network TV debut as a stand-up comedian on Late Show with David Letterman. McCaffrey joked about being a newlywed, going back to Catholic mass, not needing his doctor to tell him he’s fat, and a product you don’t really expect to ever see or buy in a dollar store. Roll the...

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Budd Friedman reminisces about The Improv on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

You don’t often see a comedy club owner on as a guest for a late-night TV talk show. But Budd Friedman has owned one or more clubs known as The Improv for 50 years now — and has the anniversary documentary airing next month on EPIX to show for it — so he went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about it. Friedman reminisced with Fallon about the first time Budd saw Jimmy perform at one of his clubs, only at the urging of his wife. Fallon gave an interview for the EPIX documentary on...

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